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Good Single Player Games for Kids (And Adults!)

It can be hard to keep an only child busy, and sometimes you need quiet time for a child with siblings and friends nearby. This is where solo games can be amazing! Check out this list of good single player games we recommend for kids.

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Single player games we recommend.

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Our Favorite Single Player Games for Kids (and Adults!)

Sometimes you need a quiet game you can play all on your lonesome. That’s why today I’m featuring some of our all-time favorite solo player games.


If you enjoy Sudoku puzzles, ColorKu is the game for you! Complete puzzles following Sudoku rules, but using small wooden balls instead of numbers.

Circuit Maze

In circuit maze, you figure out how to create increasingly complex circuits given the constraints of the board and its pieces. Read a detailed review of this game at Mama Smiles by clicking here: The Best Thing My Kids Learned with Circuit Maze.

Read reviews of other games with increasingly difficult puzzles like this:

  • Laser Chess: we found this one to be the most challenging.
  • Walls and Warriors: my upper elementary and middle school aged kids loved this one.
  • Color Catch: The easy levels of this game are accessible to preschoolers and the hardest puzzles can challenge adults.

Marble Runs

Marble runs are fantastic for solo open ended play. There are even jumbo sized marble runs for toddlers


The challenge of this game is to design objects that suit the extraordinary needs of the over the Extraordinaires. This game is perfect for creative children who love to draw. It’s great for road trips, too!

Read a review at Mama Smiles by clicking here: Extraordinaires Design Studio Review.

Exit Games

Escape room inspired board games like the EXIT games series can be played with up to four players, but they work well as single player games. A lot of them are single use, so make sure you know this before buying.

the best solo board games

Do you have any good single player games we should add to this list?

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