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UGEARS 3D Wooden Puzzle Box Review

Challenge young engineers with the UGEARS 3D Wooden Puzzle Box. Read our review, including tips to get it to work properly.

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UGEARS 3D Wooden Puzzle Box Review

Make a box to store jewelry and treasures

My 11-year-old daughter LOVED building this laser cut puzzle box kit from UGEARS that we bought as part of her homeschool STEM curriculum last year. I decided to write up a review, along with some helpful tips.

UGEARS also makes this great video about the kit:

How to Get the Gears to Turn

My daughter is a pretty experienced maker, and she built most of the kit on her own without help. The gears were a real sticking point, though!

The UGEARS 3D Puzzle box kit comes with wax. This is critical for making the gears turn! Cover the gear teeth with plenty of wax so that they can glide smoothly together.

Puzzle box kit review

What We Love About This Puzzle Box

We love the gorgeous design of this puzzle box and the precision of the laser cut pieces. It’s a real conversation starter for my daughter with her friends.

We also love all of the different compartments within the box. My daughter uses hers to store her earrings and other jewelry.

UGEARS puzzle box

What We Would Change About the3D UGEARS Puzzle Box

The one thing we would change about this box is that, even with the gears properly waxed, it can be challenging to open and close. I would trade a little bit of the fanciness for a smoother operation.

We still recommend the kit for children with some patience as well as any adult with a passion for DIY building kits. The UGEARS 3D puzzle box is gorgeous!

DIY puzzle box kids make

Have you built this puzzle box, or any other UGEARS kits? What did you think?

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