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Practice Math Facts Using Games

These games are perfect for getting your kids to practice math facts – screen free.

These games are perfect for getting your kids to practice their math facts - screen free. #mathisfun #edchat

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Help Kids Practice Math Facts Using These Games

This month I received two different math games in the mail to review. Both are unusual in that they are incredibly flexible. The games come with their own instructions, but they are designed so that you can change the rules to adapt to younger or older players. The flexibility of these games really wowed me.

Plyt Family Math Facts Board Game

While Plyt can be adapted to younger or older players, I was curious to see how it would work out with a mix of ages and skill levels. We decided to give it a go with four kids: my 10-year-old son, my 8-year-old daughter, and a 7-year-old friend. While the age range isn’t huge, math skills grow exponentially in elementary school! That’s one of the reasons I believe that math is so important in early childhood!

We played a simple version of the game that the kids made up on their own, sticking with two digit multiplication problems. My son focused on solving the problems quickly when it was his turn, leaving plenty of space for the other players to keep up. The cards in the middle of the board offer an element of chance.

NumBugz math game for the whole family

Numbugz is kind of like scrabble with numbers instead of letters. Once again, this is a game that you can change to accommodate different skill levels and interests. This game can be played solo, or with as many as six players. Can you figure out the rule my son used to create this board?

More Math Fact Games for Kids

My daughter Emma loved Sum Swamp so much in first grade that we got our own copy to play. It’s best for kindergarten through third grade.

Prime Climb was a gift from my math-loving mom. The color coded design combined with an element of chance makes this game accessible for players of many ages.

More Math Resources

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Practice Math Facts Using Games

What are your favorite games that help kids practice math facts? Please share recommendations on my Facebook page, as I would love to add them to this post!

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