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Color Catch Single Player Logic Game

Learn all about the Smart Games Color Catch single player logic game. Product provided by Timberdoodle for me to review; all opinions are my own.

Color Catch Review

Learn all about this educational single player game that develops planning, logic, flexible thinking, visual perception, and concentration skills.

Color Catch Review

I have four children, so you would expect them to always have someone to play with. But sometimes it doesn’t quite work out that way, and other times they just want some alone time.

That’s where single player games like Color Catch come in! We own several SmartGames single player games, and my kids enjoy all of them. So when Timberdoodle asked if I was interested in reviewing Color Catch, of course I said yes!

Smart Games Color Catch review

Like many Smart Games, this game comes with a fitted top that holds all of the pieces and the instruction booklet. So you don’t have to keep the box if you don’t want to. It’s also a nice slim package, making this a good travel game.

How to Play Color Catch

Like the other Smart Games we’ve played, Color Catch comes with a set of challenge cards. The challenge cards are ranked by difficulty:

  • Starter
  • Junior
  • Expert
  • Master

We usually start at or close to the beginning and work our way through the challenges. The Expert and Master levels get pretty challenging!

In this particular game, your goal is to help frogs and geckos catch flies. But not just any flies! The right color frog needs to catch the right color of fly, and same for the gecko.

The game comes with five tiles featuring clear outlines of frogs, geckos, and flies. You arrange the tiles on the board so that the colors match those on the challenge page. The geckos and frogs also have to face the bugs they are catching. It doesn’t matter what direction the bugs face.

Sometimes the frog and gecko need to be set up in certain colors but without actually catching any flies!

What is the Recommended Age Range?

Smart Games recommends this game for ages 7 through adult.

My 8-year-old daughter was the most interested in the game in our family, but the Expert and Master challenges are currently too difficult for her.

Timberdoodle included this game in their 7th grade curriculum kit, and it definitely appeals to middle schoolers too.

Other Educational Toys You Might Enjoy

Here are some other games that we reviewed that you might enjoy

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  • Danish Plus-Plus blocks offer a lovely tactile experience while developing spatial awareness and visual perception.
  • A classic toy, blocks are amazing for developing spatial awareness, planning, and visual perception. Challenge children to use blocks to build a tall tower or bridge for some extra STEM themed learning.

Have you ever played Color Catch? What did you think of this game?

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