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Drone Home Review

Drone Home is a fantastic family game night board game. Fast paced and action packed, it’s ideal for mixed age groups.

Drone Home is a fantastic family game night board game. Fast paced and action packed, it's ideal for mixed age groups.

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Drone Home Board Game Review

Drone Home board game review

Fast-paced family board games are my absolute favorite, especially when they are designed so that age is not an advantage.

Drone Home is precisely that type of game!

How Do You Play Drone Home?

The goal in this game is to get your aliens onto the (drone) space ship so they can fly home. The nerd in my loves the E.T. reference.

It’s a simple concept, and every bit as simple to play. Each player has two aliens, who they try to launch over and over until they successfully get their alien on the ship.

The drone somehow knows when an alien is on board, and it takes off!

Drone Home - a board game with a drone!

We were really impressed with how well this little toy drone flew, especially with one (and sometimes two, if they arrived at the same time) aliens on board. It also seems pretty durable; clearly designed to withstand collisions with lighting fixtures and crashes to the floor.

It is also lightweight enough that it shouldn’t do any damage in your house. We have sprinklers in our ceiling since we live in wildfire country, and I don’t let the kids play with balls and most other airborne objects in the house because I worry about setting them off. But the drone didn’t seem anywhere near heavy enough to set those off.

Family Game Night Fun

I think this game is perfect for Family Game Night! It’s fast paced! The play feels a lot like playing Hungry Hungry Hippos to me, actually. There is really no advantage to being either older or younger; it’s a pretty even playing field. If you go too fast or hit to hard, the alien won’t make it onto the ship. If you hit too softly, the alien stops short of its goal.

If you’re looking for good, clean, family fun with a fun tech twist, this is your game!

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Have you ever played Drone Home? What did you think?

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