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Walls and Warriors Single Player Puzzle Game

Read our review of the Walls and Warriors puzzle game designed to be played by a single player. We were sent this product to review; all opinions are our own.

Walls & Warrior puzzle game review

Walls and Warriors Review

The Walls & Warriors puzzle game starts with a simple premise: defend the castle! But it isn’t quite as simple as it looks. The walls are all different shapes, and you have to make sure that you don’t let in any red knights. You also need to check that you haven’t locked out any blue knights.

Timberdoodle includes this Smart Game as part of their Twelfth Grade curriculum kit. It’s definitely sophisticated enough to entertain a high school senior!

What We Like About This Puzzle Game

Walls & Warriors - read the review

My 6th grader wound up playing this game the most at our house, but since it is rated ages 8 and up it would work for all six members of our family.

The game is a lot harder than it looks thanks to the odd shapes of the walls. We found that it takes a lot of maneuvering to make especially the higher level challenges work.

The challenge booklet includes answers at the back, proving that those seemingly impossible challenges are, indeed, possible. My 8-year-old also enjoyed simply setting up the board to match the puzzle booklet. This will actually help develop spatial reasoning skills, just by helping her see the possibilities of how the board can be set up.

What We Would Change About This Puzzle Game

Walls & Warriors puzzle game review

Three out of four of my kids are girls, and they wanted a female character for this game. That is really all they would change, though!

Watch the game in action here:

Skills Developed by Playing Walls and Warriors

This board game helps children develop spatial reasoning, focus, and planning. All important academic skills that cross over into everyday life! I love when children learn by playing games!

Walls & Warriors review to read

Another Puzzle Game

I recently reviewed Color Catch. This is a logic puzzle game that works better than Walls and Warriors if you want a game for younger children. Both games work for older kids, since there are some advanced challenges for Color Catch just like you’ll find in Walls and Warriors. I do feel that that the games go faster with Color Catch!

Laser Chess is more strategy than puzzle, but it definitely develops a lot of the same skills, albeit in a higher pressure environment!

Have you played the Walls and Warriors puzzle game? What did you like or dislike about it?

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