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Toys Like Kinetic Sand

Do you have a child who loves sensory toys? Then you need to read about these toys like kinetic sand!

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What Is Kinetic Sand?

Made from a mix of real sand and polymers, Kinetic sand magically sticks to itself and not you! It feels like that perfect beach sand, and molds easily into shapes, which it can also hold.

Quick note: we recommend sticking with name brand Kinetic Sand. We’ve tried some of the other brands that are sold as alternatives to kinetic sand. Unfortunately, we didn’t like them nearly as much.

Why Do People Like Kinetic Sand?

Kinetic sand is like having the beach in your house, but without the mess! Besides offering a fantastic sensory experience, it is also hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Kinetic sand never dries out! It can feel a little expensive to buy up front, but we have a container of it that has lasted for years now!

Kinetic sand also made our list of calm down toys for toddlers!

Does DIY Kinetic Sand Really Work?

If you’ve been on Pinterest, you know that there are dozens of DIY kinetic sand recipes out there. And it seems like a good idea, because this stuff is expensive!

Unfortunately, you need silicone oil to proper make kinetic sand. And we just don’t have a way to combine silicone oil with sand easily at home. So, while I’m all for making your own play dough and slime, stay away from DIY kinetic sand.

This video explains how kinetic sand works:

Love Kinetic Sand? Then Try These Toys Too!

kinetic sand and similar toys

Messy Kinetic Sand Type Toys

Zen gardens are (in my experience) messier than Kinetic Sand, but they are therapeutic in a similar yet different way. I recommend them mainly for older children.

Thinking Putty is a big favorite in our house! Just be sure to keep it away from hair, clothing, or any other fibers.

Mad Mattr is the non-gritty version of kinetic sand. It’s completely smooth, but still holds its shape like kinetic sand. My family prefers kinetic sand, but some kids prefer this smoother texture.

Non Messy Kinetic Sand Type Toys

Squeez’meez toys are actually filled with kinetic sand, so you get the sensory experience of kinetic sand without even the possibility of a mess!

These stretchy fidget toys offer a rewarding sensory experience with zero mess, while also being more portable than kinetic sand. I bought a set of these for my entire family when we started our days of zoom meetings, and they’ve been valuable destressing tools.

This pin art sculpture toy also offers sensory input with zero mess.

What are your favorite kinetic sand type toys for kids?

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