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Calm Down Toys for Toddlers – Ease Anxiety and Reduce Tantrums

Finding the right calm down toys for toddlers is key to resolving tantrums and meltdowns as well as preventing them in the first place.

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calm down toys for toddlers

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Ease Anxiety, Reduce Tantrums Using Calm Down Toys for Toddlers

We’ve all been there. We’re out in public, or trying to make a phone call at home. And the toddler is melting down. It’s a miserable experience, and while these calming toys for toddlers are not foolproof, they can help. Better yet, use them to prevent the tantrum all together!

Sensory Calm Down Toys

sensory toys for toddlers

Sensory toys like kinetic sand are amazing for helping toddlers calm down. You can also use regular play sand, but we prefer kinetic sand because it makes less of a mess. It also allows children to create more complex structures, like they might using wet beach sand.

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sensory toys to calm down

Silicone bubble popper fidget toys are incredibly popular right now! Parents love that they make no mess whatsoever. Buy one in your child’s favorite color or shape.

Fun tip: bubble wrap also works well! Supervise toddlers so they don’t put it in their mouths.

calm a toddler with sensory play

Dyed rice makes a wonderful DIY sensory toy for toddlers. Learn how to dye rice at home.

Looking for a no-mess DIY sensory toy for toddlers? Try this mess-free art idea.

Focus Toys for Toddlers

focus toys for toddlers

Focusing gets your toddler’s logical mind functioning again when they are in meltdown mode. Add pasta trips to a traditional lacing toy for added sensory input and an additional fine motor challenge.

quiet time toddler toy

Make your own focus toys at home by painting squares on a shoebox and asking your child to match them with colored craft sticks. Make this color matching file folder game, or this color matching paper plate activity.

Don’t forget, books make wonderful calm down toys for toddlers. Try these sweet bedtime stories for toddlers as a starter.

Calming Pretend Play Toys

quiet pretend play for toddlers

Pretend play develops creativity, which then fosters resilience! Pretend play also gets kids focused and thinking instead of melting down, making it a wonderful calm down idea for toddlers.

Kinetic sand pairs wonderfully with plastic animals or other small toys. You can also make on the go pretend play activities like these dress up bears to keep in your bag for an emergency activity.

What calm down toys would you add to this toddler activity idea list?

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