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Family Gift Ideas

How to shop for the perfect family gift. Ideas for gifts that the entire family will enjoy using together to build connections.

Family gift holiday shopping list

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Family Gift Holiday Shopping Idea Lists

I love a gift the entire family can enjoy together in my holiday gift shopping. Here are our favorite family gift ideas for families with children of all ages and life stages.

Family Gift Ideas That Work for Any Age Group

These family gifts work for any age range. They are perfect for gifts for the extended family to play, or even a nuclear family with a wide age range of children.

Board Games

Laughing around a board game is a wonderful way to create positive family memories. Five Minute Dungeon is my family’s current favorite. Spot It and Drone Home are also easy and fun. Telestrations is delightful, and wonderful for families who enjoy drawing (do not have to be good at it – being bad at drawing is maybe even a plus!) and laughing together.


I love puzzles for quiet family together time. You can big a large piece puzzle to make this activity more accessible for younger children. We love Ravensburger puzzles for their crisply cut pieces.

Active Toys

Basketball hoops, soccer balls, and frisbees make wonderful family gifts! Everyone can enjoy playing a ball game; the babies will love watching. Don’t forget about laser tag and bocce!

Baby Family Gift Ideas

When you’re shopping for a family gift that a baby can enjoy, the key is to find something that is baby safe but also engaging for the rest of the family! I especially love foam blocks and DUPLO sets for this age range.

Sensory balls are fun and interesting to play with for all ages.

Books also make wonderful family gifts for families with babies. Here are some recommendations on how to find the best board books for babies.

Toddler Family Gift Ideas

Toddlers LOVE playing with blocks as a family! Check out this list of different types of blocks for kids.

Like babies, foam blocks, DUPLO sets, and sensory balls are wonderful for this age group. Some toddlers are ready for giant floor puzzles.

Like babies, toddlers love books. Check out this collection of sweet bedtime stories for ideas.

If you have a toddler who loves to climb, you might consider investing in Quadro Construction Kits. With these kits you build climbing toys your kids can use indoors or out. My kids are still using these in their play after more than a decade in our home.

Don’t forget this collection of calm down toys for toddlers. Everyone needs a little extra help with toddlers, especially during the holiday season. Most of the toys on this list will also appeal to older children.

Preschooler Family Gift Ideas

Many preschoolers LOVE giant floor puzzles. The large format makes the puzzle feel like an accomplishment, while the large pieces keep them from getting too frustrated.

Preschoolers adore building toys that feel a little bit special, like Magna-Tiles and Tegu blocks.

Quadro Construction Kits can be a lifesaver with this age range, too. Just make sure there is a parent in the house who is willing to build!

Gifts for Families with Elementary School Aged Children

LEGO sets are a sure win for children in this age group. You can buy a box of LEGO bricks for pretend play, or invest in a Creator Expert that you will build as a family.

Art supplies are great for elementary school aged children, and this is an activity where parents can easily join in. Try buying some new supplies, like this gluten free air dry modeling clay.

Tween Family Gift Guide

I love experience gifts for families with tweens. Consider a trip to an amusement park, or a show that they want to see. We took our kids to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child instead of getting a physical gift, and they are still talking about that experience.

Gifts for Families with Teens

Teens also love experience gifts, and one of the best things you can do is find an experience your teen would like to share with you and invest in that. It’s so important to invest in your relationship with your teen, and this is an easy way to do that. Active toys, board games, and puzzles can also be solid investments at this age.

Family Gift Ideas for Families with Adult Children

Board games, active toys, and puzzles are still a win here. Experiences that bring the entire family together, like a cruise or land-based family reunion are solid investments. Family memory gifts, like this Christmas Book, are also wonderful options for families with adult children.

Sensory toys also make fantastic stocking stuffers for this age range. Everyone can use a little bit of stress relief in the form of sensory play!

Family Gift Ideas to Share with Grandparents

Grandparents love letters, experiences, phone calls, and visits. Handmade is always a win here. Grandparents understand that it is the thought that counts. The more thoughtful the gift, they more they will appreciate it. Make a calendar full of family photos, frame a family portrait, or simply write a letter of appreciation.

family gift ideas

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