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Apple Twist Game Review: Logic, Problem Solving, and Visual Perception

Build spatial reasoning alongside logic, problem solving, and visual perception with the single player Apple Twist game. Here’s our review.

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Apple Twist Game Review

I’ve always loved single player games. They are great for keeping kids busy when we are out and about. I have four children, and theoretically that means built in siblings, but that isn’t always what happens. Single player games can help fill the gap when one children needs quiet time, or if they simply don’t want to play the same game as the rest of their friends.

A lot of solo player games include an educational element, which I love. So when Timberdoodle offered me the chance to review Apple Twist, I said yes! Timberdoodle includes this game in their kindergarten curriculum kit, but my 8-year-old found it pretty engaging. The puzzles in the game get progressively harder, so if you find the early puzzles too easy, just flip further into the book!

Our Review of the Apple Twist Game

Apple Twist single player reasoning game

How Do You Play Apple Twist?

Apple Twist is a visual perception and problem solving game. Your goal is to set up the worms so their heads match the locations in the puzzle book.

Spatial Reasoning Game Review

Be sure to set up the board before you start placing caterpillars! The apple divides into five sections, which you can turn one at a time:

Apple Twist review

Or all at once:

Apple twist visual perception game

Once you’ve set up the board, it’s time to place the caterpillars. They themselves twist and turn in order to fit where they are meant to be placed.

problem solving game - Apple Twist

Early puzzles show the shapes the caterpillars need to be made out of; later puzzles show only their heads.

What Did We Like About This Game?

I love the quality of the actual game board. The pieces are fun to twist, and they fit together nicely. The starter puzzles are easy enough to include this game in a preschool apple themed learning unit, while later puzzles become quite challenging.

What Would We Change About This Game?

My only recommended change for the game would be to make the challenge puzzle booklet a little sturdier. It’s a pretty flimsy paper packet, and I don’t know how well it will stand up to a bunch of kids playing with it. A card deck of challenges might also work better.

single player logic game review

Have you played Apple Twist? What did you think of this game?

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