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Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Try these non candy Easter basket gift ideas and enjoy celebrating without a sugar high (and a sugar crash!)

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Easter basket ideas

Zero Sugar Easter Basket Gift Ideas

If you’re like me, you associate Easter with chocolate and jelly beans. But there are so many other fun gifts to add to an Easter basket. Here are a few of our favorites, chosen in part to buy parents a little piece and quiet!

Paint by Sticker Kids: Easter

Paint by Sticker books offer quiet play time that builds fine motor skills. Celebrate Easter with a sticker book!

LEGO Iconic: Build Easter Fun

Build Easter Fun combines a story with opportunities to build with LEGO bricks. LEGO DOTS sets also make great Easter basket fillers

Pop Its for Easter Baskets

This simple fidget toy is very popular this year, making it a fun Easter pick. Pop Its come in all shapes and sizes, so you can pick an Easter themed one or cater to your child’s personal interests.

Are you shopping for younger children? Try these calm down toys for toddlers.

Try Giving Books for Easter

You can choose Easter themed picture books, or simply books on any theme that your children might enjoy. Build your home library and buy yourself some quiet time with this Easter basket filler!

Craft Supplies

Consider including some craft supplies in this year’s Easter basket. We love Crayola brand markers and crayons. They produce vibrant colors, and their washable products truly are washable.

Consider including sidewalk chalk to get the kids playing outdoors more as the weather warms up.

As with books, craft supplies can be Easter themed or simply cater to your child’s interest. I do recommend investing in higher quality supplies if your budget allows. I find that children create longer and with better focus when they are given higher quality supplies.

Include Classic Games in Easter Baskets

Classic games like cat’s cradle, jacks, marbles, and jumping rope make wonderful Easter basket gift ideas! These classic playground games are also great for getting children outdoors.

Easter basket filler ideas that are not candy

What non toy Easter basket gift ideas would you add to this list?

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