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Fairy Garden Kit Review

Our review of PlayMonster’s My Fairy Garden Light Garden Kit. We received the toy to review; no other compensation was requested or received.

A fairy garden kit that actually workss

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Fairy Garden Kit Review

This summer, PlayMonster sent me their new ""” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>Fairy Garden kit to try out with the kids. We’ve tried fairy garden kits in the past, with mixed results. This one was the best we’ve tried. It has some very fun features, and it actually works!!

What We Loved About This Fairy Garden Kit

tiny fairy garden tools

This fairy garden kit is set up for both planting and pretend play. I put it together with my two daughters, aged 7 and 10, and their two friends (who we are in a pod with), aged 6 and 9. All four girls loved the kit. The fairy has a little stand that makes it look like she is really flying (see the photo at the top of our post for an example of this). There is also a sweet little white horse.

Fairy garden activity for kids

The kit comes with tiny tools, a water wheel, and fairy. Plus a bridge and a cottage that lights up and plays music when you blow on it.

The girls loved the tiny tools, and I appreciated that they have a designated spot where they belong in the garden!

Create a fairy garden with living plants

The water wheel is very clever! You fill the base with water, and then you pump it using the yellow button. Water comes out the flower spout and the wheel turns!

You can also use the water spout to fill up the tiny watering can.

Our review of PlayMonster's My Fairy Garden Light Garden. We received the toy to review; no other compensation was requested or received.

Most importantly, the plants actually grew! These plants are all from seeds that came with the kit.

What We Would Change About This Kit

I highly recommend this kit, but there are still a couple things I would change:

  1. We needed more dirt. If you look in the photo above, there are a couple of pea plant seeds that didn’t really have enough dirt. We wound up adding some extra dirt after I took these photos so that the plants would do better in hot summer weather.
  2. The light and music effect doesn’t consistently work. We could get it to light up and play music sometimes, but not always. This wasn’t a big deal for us, but if you care it’s important to know.

Both of the above issues are really minor! Most of the plants were growing just fine in the dirt provided, and adding more dirt is easy. The set has held up really well over the summer, and I know we’ll be planting a new round of plants in it soon. If you are looking for a fairy themed gardening kit, this is definitely my top recommendation. And at least the third one we’ve personally tried!

Have you tried out this fairy garden kit? What did you think?

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