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Our Favorite Indoor Active Play Toys Get Kids Moving

Whether you’re indoors or out, these great active play toys get kids moving and keep kids active, all year round and in all weather.

Whether you're indoors or out, these great active play toys get kids moving and keep kids active, all year round and in all weather. #grossmotor #stayactive #parenting #toys #toptoyfinds #kidsactivities

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Kids need to move! Naturally energetic kids need toys that encourage them to move in non-destructive ways. Naturally quiet kids need toys that encourage them to build critical gross motor skills. The products featured in this post appeal to both types of children. This post contains affiliate links. Learn more.

These Great Active Play Toys Get Kids Moving

Indoor Active Toys for Kids

Quadro Construction Kit

I bought a quadro construction kit for my kids when my third child was born. My 1-year-old son was a  climber, and he was climbing EVERYTHING! My mom suggested getting something that he was allowed to climb, and we picked this since it works indoors and can be reconfigured again and again. Over 8 years later, it has endured hours of play. We’ve moved it across the country and built, taken down, and built again and again.

Know before you buy: This toy takes quite a bit of time to build and take apart, so you need someone in the family who will enjoy that process. Once built, it is incredibly solid. I bought a lot of platforms and the cloths that come with the kits, but my kids mostly use the kit without platforms, and they use the included fabric panels even more rarely.

Gorilla Gym

The Gorilla Gym was my sanity saver during our four years of condo living. California has great weather, but sometimes I need to cook dinner, and the kids were too young to go to the park on their own. This brilliant toy attaches to an ordinary doorway, although we find it easier to use if you take the door off first.


Oballs are easy for even young children to throw, but they will do little damage. My kids also love sensory balls and balloons for indoor active play.

Over-Door Basketball Hoop

This over-door basketball hoop inspired hours of play in our house! It’s super easy to install; you simply hook it over the top of a standard door.

Table Tennis

There’s nothing wrong with buying a standard tennis table, but if you’re short on space this table top table tennis set is a great alternative.

Hover Ball

Hover Ball is like Air Hockey, only the ball looks like a soccer ball, because you play with your feet. We recommend re-chargeable batteries for this toy.

Outdoor Active Toys

Basketball Hoop

This basketball hoop was one of our very first purchases when we moved into our new home! It’s already booked at least one hundred hours of use during our first two months in this house. Basketball is a great sport that can be played in smaller spaces. Try the Little Tikes TotSports Hoop for younger kids.


A child-friendly sprinkler is my favorite way to get the kids moving on a hot day.


Frisbees are great for outdoor fun. Bring it to the park to play catch, ultimate frisbee, or even frisbee golf.

Wiffle Ball

You need a bit more space for wiffle ball, but it’s lightweight and easy to carry. The big balls make this game a great introduction to ball playing for kids.


Set up a couple of small soccer goals, grab a soccer ball, and you’ve got a great active outdoor game for kids!

Jump Ropes

We bought four of these jump ropes, and they see near-daily use from my kids and other neighborhood children. Jump roping also helps children develop a nice sense of rhythm.

Hula Hoops

I love that hula hoops allow children to develop core muscles while occupying a relatively small space. My kids also use ours for pretend play – delineating a town, for example.

Swing Sets

Our current yard is too small for a swing set, but we loved the Lifetime Swing Set we put up in our yard in Massachusetts. Sturdily built, it held up well through winter weather and was (as far as swing sets are concerned) relatively easy to put together (you will need at least two, possibly three people).

Don’t Forget Parks!

While I’ve focused on active play at home, many towns are home to wonderful playgrounds that kids can love. We love a good spray park in the summertime, and never underestimate the beauty of a wide open field.


Climbing trees and hiking are some of the best gross motor activities out there for kids.

In Snowy Weather, Turn to Nature!

From sledding to snowman and snow fort building to snowball fights, mother nature provides the best toys for active winter play!

The best toys for active play - get kids moving every day.

What are your favorite toys to get kids moving? How do you keep kids active indoors on rainy days, and outdoors all year round? Share ideas and recommendations on my Facebook page.

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