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Crayola Slyme Review – Sensory Fun for Kids!

Ready-made Crayola Slyme makes a fun sensory gift for kids who love slime and other sensory toys. It’s a great addition to our list of stress toy recommendations!

Ready-made Crayola slime makes a fun sensory gift for all ages.

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Have you joined the Slime craze? We love making our own, including glitter slime.

Crayola Slyme Review

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If you are looking for a ready made version we recommend this Crayola Slyme. My 12yo has a friend who is a bit of a slime expert, and she says this is some of the best slime she’s seen! Her slime-loving friends agree!

Crayola Slyme review

I like the packaging, and the fact that it’s all made. Sometimes you want the kids mixing solutions to make sensory toys and sometimes you want something to be ready-made.

Why Buy Crayola Slyme?

Kids often use sensory toys as tools to de-stress, and slime is one of the most popular sensory toys with older kids. This Crayola Slyme is beautifully packaged, and fun for kids to stretch.

Slime sensory paradise. Ready-made Crayola slime makes a fun sensory gift for all ages.

The slime has glitter in it, but they’ve managed to make it look pretty gender neutral (especially the green and blue slimes, according to my don’t give me anything “girly” child.

Review of Crayola Slyme sensory toy

We’ve had our Crayola Slyme for a couple months now, and it’s holding up well. It can be a little sticky when you first pull it out of the package, but once you’ve played with it for a while it sticks less.

Some of the colors seemed to stick more than others – pink was the most sticky. I’m not sure if that’s linked to the dye or just luck of the draw.

Playing with Crayola Slyme

Like all slime, we recommend keeping Crayola Slyme away from clothes and carpets. It can really stick to fabric and other fiber-made materials!

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